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确定举报此问题 举报原因(必选): 广告或垃圾信息 色情淫秽 激进时政或意识形态话题 不雅词句或人身攻击 诈骗 侵犯他人隐私 其它违法和不良信息 放弃 确定报

The MWC can operate with as few as p = 2N channels and with a sampling rate fs = 1/T > B on each channel,so that it approaches the minimal rate of 2NB. Advanced configurations enable additional hardware savings by collapsing the number of


The next generation keyboard, future keyboard!It challenged and subverted the global computer keyboard, keyboard music instruments 25 years ago, The pioneer of the

the mobile communication society移动通信协会The mobile communication are gradually evolved into a significant element of human society because of the mobile communication can provide convenient and efficient information to people anytime

reverse radar and auxiliary system, is called parking car parking safety auxiliary devices, more intuitive to voice or display told the driver around obstacles, lifting the driver when parking and start vehicles visiting around caused distress, and help the

Windowing. One frame of information overlaps a background frame, and the size of frames can be changed by the user so as to view portions of several frames simultaneously. 窗口.一个消息框重叠着一个背景框,而且用户可以为了同时查看



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