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Dear Sam, You told me you were curious about the network language, for example "shenma", in your last letter. Well, there are thousands of network language words not only in the Web world, but the real everyday life. "shenma", meaning what

At present, many people in the writing and communication networks prefer to use language, sometimes it is also holding the Chinese-speaking English, such as N depressing, PK, such as this phenomenon has recently you held a class discussion,

In such a networked society, people are tend to use hot words on the internet, which has beentagged with fashion and trend. These buzzwords are formed with the popularity of internet,which means that without the internet those works make no

目前,一些诸如GG, MM, Xia Mi 等网络语言在青少年中极为盛行,并且出现在家庭作业报告,甚至全国入学考试的作文中.请你以 “Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited (禁止)?”为题,根据下表内容用英语写一篇短文,并谈谈你自己的看

Is an era full of limitless possibilities, but also a network-driven era. End of the year approaching, the inventory in 2009 appear in each of a network of buzzwords, and both of our daily life; read the buzzwords for each network behind the humorous,

Network words appearance has attracted extensive attention of the society.It is not uncommon to see some special words ,such as 886 which means goodbye,BTW which means by the way and so on.Nowdays increasingly more arguments about

InternetEverything lives with opposite forces.The same can be said about modern technology, such as Internet.At first glance Internet offers us excitement and a worl of promise. Frankly speaking, people who have some ideas of it can not deny the

The note work is one of the our life's ,The note work is influence is two-sided ,It has both good and bad,The network to people's life or job especially students life brings a lot of convenience People can search in the network all they want ,nformation,

这个The Internet is becoming more and more important in our daily life. On the net, we can learn news both at home and abroad and all kinds of other information as well. We can also send messages by e-mail, make phone calls, go to net school,

您好Internet is an international computer network connecting other networks and computers from companies, universities, etc. At present, most of people can use computer for working, chatting, playing game, watching the movie and picture, and

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