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be satisfied with sth 对……很满意(主语为人).He is satisfied with her satisfied to sb (主语为物)Her homework is satisfied to him.

satisfied [stisfaid] adj.满意的; 满足的 例:When she had finished her meal, she gave a satisfied smile.当她吃完饭后, 她露出了满意的笑容.be satisfied with sth 对……很满意(主语为人).例:He is satisfied with her satisfied to sb (主语为物) 例:Her homework is satisfied to him.

satisfied adj.(形容词)[通常句子中人做主语]Filled with satisfaction; content:满意的;满足的:a very satisfied customer.一个非常满意的顾客Paid or discharged in full, as a debt or an obligation.清偿过的:彻底还清或清偿了的,如债务或义务

be satisfied with sb. He is satisfied with me.对某人感到满意 be satisfied at sth. He is satisfied at the news.因某事而高兴

satisfy 用法:(1)使义动词:满意 i'm satisfied with your answers.(形容词化)对你的回答很满意 my answers satisfied you 我的回答让你满意.my answers are satisfiying.我的回答令人满意.(2)使某人相信:convince he wanted to satisfy

satisfy [stisfai]vt.使满意;使确信;符合(要求等)satisfied ['stisfaid] adj.satisfied ['stisfaid] adj.例句:I'm not at all satisfied.我一点也不满意.I satisfied my thirst with a glass of water.我喝了一杯水解渴.I am not at all satisfied with the present situation.我对现状根本不满意.

我来回答一下吧,虽然我是读中文的.1、satisfied:“感到满意的”.这是一个主观性形容词,是自身感觉到的,表示对某事/某人感觉到满意.一般组成的短语是:be satisfied with sb./sth“对某人/某物感觉满意”.2、satisfying/satisfactory:都是“令人(感觉到)满意的”意思.这是一个客观性形容词,是事物/情况给人的感觉,表示事物/情况本身具有的性质或特点.但是,要声明一点就是:satisfying一般是不用的,很少用运用这一个词;而satisfactory却是一个常用的词.类似的如pleasing和pleasant,意思都是“令人高兴的或令人愉快的”;前者几乎不用,而后者却是常用的.

supposing 一般和that一起用,意为假设,或“已XXX为前提下”,XXX为that后面的内容:例)Supposing that you are satisfied, you should pick my answer.在你满意的前提下,你应该选择我的答案.:) 当然,可以不用that.也可以改变顺序:You should pick my answer, supposing you are satisfied.

区别:1、satisfied意为 “满意的,满足的,欣慰的” 主语通常是人,指用作主语的人本身对某事或别人所做的事感到满意.在用作表语或定语时,其句中的主语或修饰的名词一般都是表示人的名词,少数为非生物名词.一般组成的短语是 be

delighted/pleased/satisfied/happy/cheerful/pleasant/pleasing1.He is in the happy position of never having to worry about money.2.I was very happy to receive you kind inviation.3.That wasn't very happy choice of words.4 He is cheerful in spite of his

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